Advocacy Forum

This series was begun in 2004 during the Bush administration, to provide ongoing educational and thought-provoking large forum discussions, tgiving voice to those who wished to question the actions of the government and to bring us back towards a democratic secularity and away from a theocratic concept of government. 

In 2009 the series was brought back to provide continued discussion of topics important to our democracy.  The Advocacy Forum offers not only an opportunity for intellectual discussion and education, but seeks to empower people to get involved and take action to effect change.

Recent topics have included:
Obama: Change We Can Still Believe In?
Health Care Reform: How Real and at What Cost?
The Battle for Real Financial Reform
Afghanistan and Pakistan: Why are we There?
Obama and the Future of the Imperial Presidency

Other Initiatives

Justice for Juveniles: A Call to Ethical Action!  This conference on  April 24, 2010  brought together concerned organizations, individuals and the media to demand and facilitiate immediate restructuring and reform of the existing statewide juvenile system in New York that is currently charged with the care and assessment of children in need of help. A follow up event is scheduled for July 21. more