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It’s worth 2.9 million dollars, and it has created quite a buzz in intellectual circles. The center of attention is a brief missive written by Albert Einstein, nicknamed “the God Letter,” that was recently auctioned by Christie’s and purchased for that amount. Written in 1954, a year before his death, it summarizes Einstein’s thoughts about God as well as his Jewish identity.

Register Now! Winter Writers' Workshops Begin April 23rd & 25th

Tuesdays or Thursdays this winter, try your hand at personal non-fiction writing in a 9-week Joy of Personal Writing series of classes led by member Elaine Berman Gurney. Join a supportive group of writers--some just starting and others more experienced--to learn basic and advanced writing skills. Writers of all experience levels are welcome!

The Settlement House movement began in London with the founding of Toynbee Hall in 1883, and flourished in the United States in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. It served the poor in urban areas with an approach to social reform that brought together, as neighbors, volunteers and the needy, finding more effective solutions to poverty and pioneering the profession of social work. Perhaps the most famous among these settlement houses was Hull House opened in Chicago by Jane Addams in 1889. She and John Lovejoy Elliott, who founded Hudson Guild in Chelsea on the lower west side of Manhattan in 1895, were Ethical Culture leaders who acted to elicit the best in everyone around them.

March Banner - Women's Rights are Human Rights

We herald Women’s History Month with our banner and also call upon our nation to right the wrong of gender inequality by taking steps to pass the Equal Rights Amendment.

Does the loss of faith in a supernatural God or the divine origin of the Qur’an invariably lead to a radical break with the diverse cultural traditions of the Muslim world? How can one adopt a humanist stance without internalizing negative stereotypes about a community that has historically been demonized and largely viewed through an orientalist lens? What are the diverse cultural resources available to humanists emerging from Muslim communities as they attempt to create alternatives to faith-based communities and to diversify the larger humanist movement in North America?