Teaching Ethics and Morality in Public Schools Around the World

Wednesday, October 3, 2018 -
7:00pm to 9:00pm
Ceremonial Hall - 4th floor

Please join us for a unique presentation from a Japanese research team sharing their insights on the teaching of ethics/morality in public schools around the world.

For several decades the Japanese Ministry of Education (Mombusho) has commissioned education experts to travel the world studying how ethics and morality is taught in public school systems globally. The Japanese professors will be here in New York studying the suburban approach in Westchester County. While they are here they are going to present the findings of their multi decade, global research to date. And how these trends have changed over the years. Their mission statement is “to revitalize Japanese moral education by providing a model curriculum through the compilation of information on best practices of character education and citizenship education in foreign countries.” We think you may find this presentation of great interest and encourage you to come and listen.

The Japanese research team consists of:

Professor OSHITANI YOSHIO, professor at Mukogawa University, and his wife, Ms. OSHITANI YUKO. Professor OSHITANI is the President of the Japanese Moral Education Society and has been the key figure in creating the national curriculum of moral education in Japan.

BAN TSUNENOBU, professor at Okayama Shoka University, and his wife, Ms. BAN KYOKO. Professor Ban has traveled the world for over two decades studying international approaches to ethics and morality education.

Ms. KOJIMA TOSHIKO, principal at Tomigaoka primary school.

Light refreshments will be served after the presentation and during the Q&A.

For further questions please contact Paul Silverman. Ph: 914.923.5049 pjsilverman@gmail.com