Sunday Platform - Ken Jockers - Interconnectedness: Hudson Guild and the Modern Settlement House Movement

Sunday, April 7, 2019 - 11:00am
Ceremonial Hall - 4th floor

In conversation with Leader Anne Klaeysen, Ken will talk about the modern settlement house movement in New York City and its role in supporting and assisting vulnerable populations in our city. In the current political and cultural environment, settlement houses continue to provide bedrock services to people in need while simultaneously innovating to assist new immigrant populations, overcome systemic educational challenges and address intensifying problems with housing and employment. Specifically, Ken will talk about the programming and impact of Hudson Guild, which serves Chelsea and the west side of Manhattan and which has a long and important history with the Ethical Culture movement.

Ken Jockers is Executive Director of Hudson Guild, which provides bedrock social and human services to 14,000 people annually along the west side of Manhattan. Rooted in Chelsea, where one in six people still live in entrenched poverty and development has significantly transformed the community, Hudson Guild provides a path to stability and achievement for low income people. Early childhood education, college access, workforce readiness, engagement for older adults, mental health assistance, artmaking, food access and community education are all part Hudson Guild's portfolio, designed to produce individual success and neighborhood strength. Hudson Guild was featured in the recent HBO film, Class Divide.

Prior to Hudson Guild, Ken served in various capacities at community agencies in New York, and as a lawyer in the administrations of Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Manhattan Borough President Ruth Messinger. Ken holds a BA from Connecticut College and a JD from Brooklyn Law School.

Presider: Leader Anne Klaeysen

Shared Charity: Hudson Guild