Stoic School of Life: Stoicism, Telic vs. Atelic Activities, and the Meaning of Life

Monday, April 1, 2019 -
6:00pm to 8:00pm
Ceremonial Hall (4th Floor)
$5 Nonmembers

What is the meaning of life? The ancients, and the Stoics in particular, had a lot to say about this. In this discussion we will explore the Stoic take on a distinction introduced by Aristotle, that between telic and atelic activities. A telic activity is one that has a particular end as the goal, like writing a book, or making a sports team. Once the goal is achieved, the activity is completed. An atelic activity, by contrast, finds its fulfillment in itself, like spending time with friends or family. There is no foreseeable end to such an activity. What combination of telic and atelic activities, then, makes for a good life?

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Some of the ancient Stoics were vegetarians, but not all. Does Stoic philosophy entail vegetarianism, regardless of what individual Stoics may think or do?

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