Social Service Board

Empowering Caring People to Turn Ethics into Action

The Social Service Board (SSB) of United Social Services, Inc. is an affiliate of ETHICAL dedicated to helping the most vulnerable members of our community through social service projects that make a difference.  For over 130 years Ethical Culture has served New York City through the work of the SSB, working to build a more ethical world.  The core programs of the Social Service Board focus particularly on children and adults at-risk, and in need.

Participation in the SSB offers hope and assistance to people in need, but also offers immeasurable benefit for those who volunteer and participate.  Ethics is the soul of a secular democracy.  It inspires authentic self esteem, motivates our dynamic social conscience, and demonstrates the love, care, and trust which are the human glue of our society and helps us create a better world.

SSB Programs

SSB members have created, financed, staffed and sustained many rewarding and meaningful “core projects” with their dedicated efforts.  Among these are:
Empowering Ethical Elders Join the Social Service Board (SSB) of the New York Society for Ethical Culture (NYSEC)for a series of presentations by experts on a range of issues facing seniors, their caregivers, families and friends today. Learn how to protect and promote good health—physical, mental and emotional—and empower yourself with the knowledge to make informed decisions about health care, and social support, and social justice.
Are you a family member, a companion or a paid caregiver caring for an elderly person?  Do you have questions?  Don’t know where to go for answers? Or not know what questions to ask?  We want to help.  The Empowering Ethical Elders (EEE) program at the New York Society for Ethical Culture will provide you with personalized guidance, helping you through the maze of resources available to you.  Our social workers Mark Zilberman and Wendy Panken will consult with you.  Call (718) 247-9900 or see our schedule.
Supportive Televisiting Services - Providing children the opportunity to visit with incarcerated parents or grandparents in a safe and supportive environment and helping bring families back together using teleconferencing.
Dr. Maria Fridman Women’s Shelter - Giving comfort and support to women in transition as they take the necessary steps to self-sufficiency, finding a new home and job.
Queens Soccer Foundation Team - Giving financial and logistical support to dozens of underserved boys and girls to experience the power of sport and being part of a team.
Fundraising initiatives - In support of the ongoing projects of the SSB, we periodically hold special events such as used book sales and jumble sales, with all proceeds going to support our work.  In addition, we accept items for sale on Ebay and Craigslist to support the important work we do. We apply for grants to endowments, foundations, government funding sources, and other faith-based programs. We accept donations and estate tributes.
Get Involved with SSB

Welcome to the world of Ethics in action. The SSB is for anyone young or old, who is looking for more meaning in their life and the personal satisfaction of helping make a difference in our community.  If you are interested in volunteering your time you can:

  • Attend a Board meeting as our guest
  • Present a new project idea
  • Participate in a project of your choice as a Friend of the Board
  • Become a member of the Board

Board Membership

The Social Service Board provides an array of opportunities for caring people to put Ethics into action.

People who desire to become a Board member are invited to attend a monthly Board meeting and see how its members give their leadership to ongoing projects and create new ones as their need arises.

Friends of the Board

The SSB also provides the opportunity for people who wish to participate in a project but whose busy lives don’t permit them to be a full-time Board member, but can participate in a desired project as a Friend of the Board.

A Friend of the Board may also support the SSB in two ways: by helping financially or volunteering time to a project of choice.

If you feel the call to put ethics into action to preserve and expand our American Democracy, the Social Service Board is set up to energize, empower, and facilitate the ideas and needs of ethical people.

If you are interested in learning more about the Social Service Board and its ongoing projects, contact us at or call us at 212.874.5210 x143.