NYC Grassroots Alliance - Lurking Everywhere! Toxic Pesticides in our Parks, Water, Air and Food

Monday, November 6, 2017 -
6:30pm to 8:45pm
Social Hall
Free. Please RSVP below.

Pesticides and herbicides are in our foods and our clothing and sprayed in our air to combat mosquito-borne illnesses and may also be killing off bees and other needed insects. The cumulative effect of spraying crops with glyphosate and organo-pesticides is threatening the fertility of soil and human health, especially young children but including people of all ages. As pesticides kill off microbes and minerals in the soil, the soil loses fertility, plants lose nourishment and the human immune system is compromised.

As climate change brings more powerful hurricanes, worse flooding, bigger fires and rising sea levels, these chemicals are being pushed into every corner -- on land and sea. Will we even have a viable food supply in the near future?

The NYC Grassroots Alliance will be hosting an event about toxic pesticides and herbicides inspired by kindergarten teacher Paula Rogovin and her current and past young students. When her class wanted to study tomatoes and watermelon, they discovered that pesticides that are often used to grow them can be very harmful to children and they wanted to get a law passed. After convincing City Council member Ben Kallos to propose a bill about banning toxic pesticides in parks and other public spaces, they recently "testified" at an inspiring hearing at City Hall.

Speakers will include Paula Rogovin herself, Patti Wood, the Executive Director of Grassroots Environmental Education (an expert on pesticides) and a researcher from the Dept. of Preventive Medicine at Mt. Sinai Hospital's Icahn School of Medicine. You will learn about the alarming health effects of pesticides and about safer and smarter ways to grow our food. In addition, we will work to help Paula and her young students pass City Council Bill INT 0800 - 2015.

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