Leader Lunch Discussions

Thursdays, 12:00 Noon and starting in September Tuesdays, 6:30PM
Elliott Library, Room 507

Bring your lunch and join Leader Dr. Anne Klaeysen for in depth discussions on a variety of timely subjects.

Upcoming topics:  


Date Topics
October 21 & 23 "Beyond the Dalai Lama: An Interview with Woeser and Wang Lixiong" and "Wang Lixiong and Woeser: A Way Out of China's Unrest?" by Ian Johnson, NY Review of Books, 8/7&8/14
October 28 & 30 "Are the Authoritarians Winning?" by Michael Ignatieff, NY Review of Books, 7/10/24
November 4 & 6 "How to Stop Time" by Anna Della Subin, The NY Times, 9/26/14; "The Procrastination Doom Loop - and How to Break It" by Derek Thompson, 8/26/14, "Precrastination: Worse Than Procrastination" by Olga Khazan, 9/24/14, and "Why Writers Are the Worst Procrastinators" by Megan McArdle, 2/12/14, The Atlantic
November 11 & 13 "Creativity Creep" by Joshua Rothman, The New Yorker, 9/2/14, and "Secrets of the Creative Mind" by Nancy C. Andreasen, The Atlantic, 6/25/14
November 18 & 20 "Gender Equality Is Your Issue, Too" by Emma Watson, UN Women (unwomen.org), 9/20/14; "15-year-old boy's 'magnificent' letter about Emma Watson's UN speech" by Rachel Jones, Telegraph, 9/28/14; and "Threatened by Beyonce, Emma Watson and the Feminist Movement? Good." by Susan Rohwer, LA Times, 10/1/14
November 25 & 27 Happy Thanksgiving Week- resumes next week
December 2 & 4 The Soylent Revolution Will Not Be Pleasurable” by Farhad Manjoo, The NY Times, 5/28/14; “The End of Food” by Lizzie Widdicombe, The New Yorker, 5/12/14; and Soylent (http://www.soylent.me/)
December 9 & 11 Drones and Everything After” by Benjamin Wallace-Wells, New York Magazine, 10/5/14
December 16 & 18 Science Is Not About Certainty” by Carlo Rovelli, New Republic, 7/11/14, and “How Scientific Inquiry Works” by Seamus O’Mahony, Dublin Review of Books, October 2014 
December 23 & 25 Xmas Week- Happy Holidays!- resumes next week.


Folders with relevant articles will be available from Yalitza Garcia in the Leaders’ office.