Leader Lunch Discussions

Thursdays, 12:00 Noon
Elliott Library, Room 507

Bring your lunch and join Leader Dr. Anne Klaeysen for in depth discussions on a variety of timely subjects.

Upcoming topics:  


Date Topics
February 5 Europe Is Under Siege” by Jeffrey Goldberg, The Atlantic, January 2015; “Waking Up to the New Al-Qaeda” by Ahmed Rashid, The NY Review of Books, 1/12/15; “Free Speech and the Magna Carta” by Robin Wright and “Unmournable Bodies” by Teju Cole, The New Yorker, 1/19/15
February 12  “Darwin Day celebrations evolve with parties, proclamations” by Kimberly Watson, Religion News Service, 2/11/14; “Public’s Views on Human Evolution,” Pew Research: Religion & Public Life Project, 12/30/13; “Evolution and Ethics, Revisited” by Gertrude Himmelfarb, The New Atlantis, Spring 2014; and “In Darwin’s Footsteps” by Jonathan Weiner, The NY Times, 8/4/14
February 19 Lincoln’s Boys” by Joshua Zeitz, Smithsonian, February 2014
February 26 “The World Is not Falling Apart” by Steven Pinker and Andrew Mack, Foreigners, 12/22/14; “A Climate of Fear” by Roger Cohen, The NY Times, 10/27/14
March 5 Rape on the Campus” by Zoe Heller, The NY Review of Books, 2/5/15
March 12 The Origin Story of Wonder Woman” by Jill Lepore, Smithsonian, October 2014
March 19 Why Feminism Matters” by Gina Barreca, www.ginabarreca.com, 12/14/14 and “Good Feminist” by Vivian Gornick, Boston Review of Books, 12/8/14
March 26 Is It Time to Topple Tipping” by Adam Platt and “We Are the 20%: What Tips Mean to Servers, Bartenders, Dorrman, and Baristas” by Alexa Tsoulis-Reay and Mary Jane Weedman, Grub Street, 11/4/14
April 2 What ISIS Really Wants” by Graeme Wood, The Atlantic, March 2015
April 9 Who Is the Pope?” by Eamon Duffy, NY Review of Books, 2/19/15
April 16 The Last Trial” by Elizabeth Kolbert, The New Yorker, 2/16/15
April 23 Hong Kong’s Umbrella Revolution Isn’t Over Yet” by Lauren Hilger, The NY Times, 2/18/15
April 30 The Voice of the Shaman” by Glenn H. Shephard Jr., The NY Review of Books, 11/6/14


Folders with relevant articles will be available from Maggie Determann in the Membership office.