Leader Lunch Discussions

Thursdays, 12:00 Noon
Elliott Library, Room 507

Bring your lunch and join Leader Dr. Anne Klaeysen for in depth discussions on a variety of timely subjects.

Upcoming topics:  


Date Topics
April 3 A World on the Edge” by Amy Chua, The Wilson Quarterly, Winter 2014
April 10 Ukraine: The Haze of Propaganda” (3/1) and “Fascism, Russia and Ukraine” (3/20) by Timothy Snyder, NY Review of Books
April 17 The Three Leakers and What to Do About Them” by David Cole, The NY Review of Books, 2/6/14
April 24 Are Today’s Germans Morally Responsible for the Holocaust?” by Emma Green, The Atlantic, January 2014; “What Is Genocide?” and “Sixty-Five Years Later” blog entries from the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum December 2013; and “A Countryside of Concentration Camps” by Graeme Wood, New Republic, 1/21/14
May 1 Is Atheism Irrational: Interview with Alvin Plantinga?” by Gary Gutting, 2/9/14 and “Arguments Against God: Interview with Louise Antony” by Gary Gutting, 2/25/14, The NY Times
May 8 “The War on Reason” by “Paul Bloom; “The Intellectual Snobbery of Conspicuous Atheism” and “Why Would a Millennial Become a Priest or Nun?” by Emma Green, The Atlantic, March 2014
May 15 Creativity – Then and Forever” and “Creativity – For the Living” by Janet Asimov, TheHumanist.com
May 22 “Science, God and Rock ‘n Roll” (Parts 1 & 2), The Humanist.Com, 3/28/14 & 3/31/1
May 29 CANCELLED for Bias Training


Folders with relevant articles will be available from Yalitza Garcia in the Leaders’ office.