Leader Lunch Discussions

Thursdays, 12:00 Noon
Elliott Library, Room 507

Bring your lunch and join Leader Dr. Anne Klaeysen for in depth discussions on a variety of timely subjects.

Upcoming topics:  

August 4 "'Buddy Check on 22!' Veterans Use Social Media to Fight Suicide" by Christine Hauser, The NY Times, 4/21/16, and "U.S. Suicide Rate Surges to a 30-Year High" by Sabrina Tavernise, The NY Times, 4/22/16
August 11 "Tweet All About It" by Clive Thompson, Smithsonian, May 2016
August 18 "A Science Without Time" by Gene Tracy, Aeon, 4/25/16
August 25
"How to Plug in Your Brain" by David Noonan, Smithsonian, May 2016
September 1 Group Study” by Charles Duhigg, The NY Times, 2/28/16
September 8 “Worlds Apart: Choosing a School for my Daughter in a Segregated City” by Nikole Hannah-Jones, The NY Times, 6/12/16
September 15 There’s No Such Thing as Free Will” by Stephen Cave and “Genes Are Overrated” by Nathaniel Comfort, The Atlantic, June 2016
September 22 The War on Stupid People” by David H. Freedman, The Atlantic, July/August 2016, and “Overvaluing confidence, we’ve forgotten the power of humility” by Jacob Burak, Aeon Magazine, 7/28/16
September 29 Smile, Frown, Grimace and Grin – Your Facial Expression is the Next Frontier in Big Data” by Jerry Adler, Smithsonian Magazine, December 2015, and “Beyond Anger” by Martha Nussbaum, Aeon Magazine, 7/26/16
October 6 Why Spinoza Still Matters” by Steven Nadler, Aeon Magazine, 4/28/16
October 13 “In Praise of Dewey” by Nicholas Tampio, Aeon Magazine, 7/28/16
October 20 The Philosopher of Feelings” by Rachel Aviv, The New Yorker, 7/25/16
October 27 How Rousseau Predicted Trump” by Pankaj Mishra, The New Yorker, 8/1/16


Folders with relevant articles will be available from Maggie Determann in the Membership office.