Film & Discussion: [the listening heart] w/ Director storäe michele

Sunday, December 16, 2018 -
1:30pm to 3:30pm
Ceremonial Hall, 4th Floor

Join us for a screening of The Listening Heart by storäe michele.

Click here to watch the trailer!

An Afro-Native Futuristic film, [the listening heart] is performed by an amazing cast of all women of color, embodying poetry, song, and dance. This film uplifts the feminine divine and investigates the ways in which we communicate meanings of love.

[the listening heart], brings to life an original story grounded in Mayan and Yoruba cosmologies. The protagonist Ix Chel originated from collaborative conversations with Edyka Chilomé, as a child healer learning the meanings of the word "love." [Re]indigenizing the myth of the Mayan Goddess Ix Chel –a healer connected to Earth as a midwife of safe passage– this story follows a common paradigm of women who are hurt and disembodied when going against social norms. But, in this film, their voices are reclaimed through self-healing.

Brave space is created to speak to the mistruths we were given about love and ways to radically transform them through art as ritual, folk-talk and deep listening.

This film features dynamic individuals: Jadele McPherson, Shantez Tolbut, Jaguar Mary X, Kevonnie Shelton, Cocoa Sarai, Jaye Watts, Alexandria Johnson, Esperanza Lin, Medina Ouida, Kay Lowry, Tamara Dumay Murad, Jessica Peñaranda and Jazmin Peralta--who are exceptional artist, performers, entrepreneurs, mothers, activists, singers, songwriters, dancers, poets, & educators.